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We fundamentally believe in the value of more female leaders.   We believe that we must grow the critical mass of female leaders in politics, business and the media to truly disrupt the way decision making is done.


Through leadership initiatives, evidence-based research, fellowships and strategic partnerships, we are focused on finding the best levers for change to achieve equal voice, equal representation and equal recognition for women in Australia. 


A key part of WLIA’s work is catalysing practical initiatives for change, often in collaboration with strategic partners locally and internationally. We aim to demonstrate what is possible and encourage other organisations to join and amplify the impact.


Over time we are creating a community of leaders focused on achieving equal numbers of women and men sharing power and influence in Australia. We find ways to support this cohort of exceptional leaders to accelerate their work, elevate their voice and find ways to achieve meaningful implementation.


Example initiatives include Pathways to Politics Program for Women, Women for Media Database, the Panel Pledge and WLIA Fellowships. We are proud to work in collaboration with organisations such as Male Champions of Change, Chief Executive Women, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Queensland University of Technology, Charles Darwin University, University of Canberra, University of Adelaide and Global Institute for Women’s Leadership.

Speaker Database

The Women for Media database was established to provide journalists and event organisers with quick access to experienced and respected Australian leaders from a range of industries. Our database exists to promote gender equality and diversity of thought by amplifying the visibility of female leaders at public events and in the media.

Equal Voice.
Equal Representation.
Equal Recognition.


We are committed to funding research that offers new insights into the experiences of female leaders, highlights knowledge gaps and progresses our understanding of how to achieve equal voice, equal representation and equal recognition. 

Pathways to Politics launches in ACT and South Australia, helping more women pursue public office

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Pathways to Politics launches in Northern Territory to help more women pursue public office

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WLIA warmly welcomes new Fellows, Dr Anjalee de Silva and Emma Dawson

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Childcare reform a ‘bold and meaningful’ investment

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Congratulations to Pathways to Politics: Public platform launches for all women interested in public

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Leading Interviews ‘Women for Media - Take the Next Steps’ with Dr Jenna Price

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Q&A with Dr Blair Williams co-author of the 2021 Women for Media ‘Take the Next Steps’ report

Dr Blair Williams On November 17 2021, the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia (WLIA) released ‘Take the Next Steps’ – the fifth and...

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We create and share content to inspire conversations and action that supports gender equality and women in leadership.
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