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Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa Fellowship Recipient 2020

We are pleased to announce Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa as the recipient of our latest Women’s Leadership Institute Australia Research Fellowship, with the support of the Trawalla Foundation.

Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa is a Chancellor's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Her research is focused on gender and human rights, with a particular interest in strengthening accountability for women’s rights at the domestic level.

Dr Vijeyarasa’s research seeks to offer a tangible contribution by using the law for the eradication of gender inequality and responds to the fact that despite significant well-intended interventions in the pursuit of gender equality worldwide, progress has been slow and incremental.

"My research is anchored around the concept of gender-responsive legislation, the achievement of which I believe can realise staggering results for women in Australia and globally. With the help of data science, I have developed an online tool called the #GenderLegislativeIndex (GLI) which helps analyse laws according to their benefit to women.

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